social responsible debt collection

Expertise, commitment, reliability, relieve and service are our core values. At CRDT we have determined values which are endorsed by all employees. With their signature of the “protocol socially responsible debt collection CRDT” all employees of CRDT empower these core values.

All efforts in debt collections of CRDT are aimed to prevent debts in arrears as much as possible and – if it occurred though – to resolve it adequately as early as possible, as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost to the debtor. CRDT therefore put themselves in order to collect claims as much as possible amicably. Extrajudicial debt collection services have great social and economic importance.


The defaulter is enabled to the utmost, to meet its financial obligations at relatively low cost and without the intervention of an expensive lawyer or bailiff.

Amicable collection provides the creditor the best solutions: low cost, high effectiveness and the customer relationship can be maintained.

Every year more than half a billion euros in court costs are saved, by not going to court. In addition, annually it relieves our judiciary now for more than 2.5 million claims because going to court can be prevented. By amicable debt, problematic debts are detected at an earlier stage, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood of recovery.


CRDT takes corporate social responsible debt collection seriously and commits to the following standards:

  • We participate exclusively in debt collection in treatment of companies and organizations that do business in a professional and proper manner and within the limits set by law.
  • After this acceptance, we start any debt collection within 24 hours.
  • Once in treatment reversal of the claim, we undertake at least five serious attempts (letter, call, SMS, email, voice messaging) to set the first opportunity the debtor by personal contact within a reasonable period to meet his / her obligations.
  • When a debtor requests for a payment settlement we will allow this in principle, unless there are compelling reasons to refuse such a payment settlement. We provide early distinction between benevolence and malevolence.
  • If it appears that a debtor demonstrably threatens to get in financial difficulties to whether we will handle extra thoughtful and careful before using any judicial subsequent steps in the context of its associated high costs.
  • We make an active contribution to social issues and are committed to contribute the professionalization of the debt collection industry.

Overdue debtors notification / companies in arrears alert

  • After unsuccessful treatment of the claim, notification on the list of overdue debtors and companies in arrears arises. The notification alert is for internal use by affiliates under a collective agreement of a trade association.
  • The notification alert contains data on overdue claims and issued exclusively to member firms for the purpose of making decisions about entering into, maintaining or terminating business relations with your customers.
  • The notification alert is subject to legislation under the Dutch Data Protection Act, is to be used exclusively for this purpose and not be made available in any way to other companies and / or other persons outside affiliated companies.
  • The notification alert of overdue debtors is composed with the utmost care. If unfortunately incorrectly and / or falsely reports are made containing companies in arrears, CRDT will correct this notification immediately and notify the relevant member companies.

This protocol is signed by all employees of CRDT. Do you want to exchange views with us on this protocol, you have a comment on its implementation or want to make us a suggestion, please contact us.

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