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Supplier credit is not unusual in our industry. But providing credit to customers also involves risks and ultimately only paid sales really count. The risk that your customers may not pay your invoices can have a substantial financial impact.

Whether you are doing business at home or abroad, a tailor made credit insurance policy exactly fits your needs.

guarantee your success

A credit insurance policy allows you to strike the right balance between commercial interests and acceptable financial risk for your business.

The continuity of your business and the profit contribution of transactions concluded can offer adequate protection against the risks of default, i.e. a successful business with total security.

consists of three elements

A credit insurance policy consists of three basic elements, i.e. company information, insurance and debt collection. Accurate and up-to-date company information allows you to correctly estimate your customer risks. Insurance provides a guarantee of payment.

If your customer ultimately fails to pay, we also make arrangements for collection.

the right partner

CRDT makes a significant contribution to loss reduction through a sophisticated credit management concept.

However, the risk of default through bankruptcy or suspension of payments, for instance, remains. This could easily turn a profitable transaction into a loss-making one. With CRDT, you can always rely on the coverage offered by the insurance company.

  • Fast and safe doing business in risky countries
  • High coverage percentage (up to 90 percent)
  • Reduced administrative costs

  • Attractive premium discount

  • Additional coverage of charges before extradition

  • Simply to expand with order coverage

  • Low rates on credit limits

  • All debt collection costs are covered

  • We excel at solving reclamations

Clients about us

We appreciate our customer’s experience on us and would like to share it with you.

” I previously never thought possible, you are able to collect our outstanding debts, which already were depreciated by our own accounts receivable department, even without any legal assistance or what so ever. And this also with that much empathy, skill and professionalism, the customer wanted to order from us again. There is simply no better way.”
Ralph Rieker, managing director, Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH
” It was an instant hit for me, the first time I used credit & finance services of CRDT. And, although it concerned a considerable overdue debt on a Greece debtor, the professionalism of the credit manager of CRDT and the speed at which results were achieved have convinced me and beyond.”
Reinhold Milsch, managing partner, Fuchs & Schmitt GmbH & Co. KG
” Thanks to your credit management services now only remaining assets of bankrupt companies on our balance sheet. All other outstanding debts have been paid. The CRDT managers not only succeeded to collect the claims of debtors from Hungary, they also managed to collect the outstanding debts on clients from South Africa, Bahrain and even India. Including interest and costs. I am very impressed and very happy.”
Gerd Müller-Thomkins, managing director, Deutsches Mode-Institut DMI GmbH
” Our continuously growth, south of Denmark, have also caused more loss and difficulties to collect our outstanding debt. But since our start and co-operation with CRDT we have reduced our loss a lot. The communication is super, and we get all information needed in time. It has also reduce our time internal when only having to talk to 1 company who can handle our debts. We are pleased to work with competent and professional people, whom we can only say that CRDT provides.”
Lars Sandgaard, owner, Sandgaard A/S
“Our international customers’ expansions in the European Community have simultaneous consequences for the outstanding debts and the difficulties from recoveries in foreign countries even with the help of legal assistance. Since the beginning of our cooperation with CRDT and due to the fact of the competent and professional experience of the file managers, we have successfully recovered outstanding debts, including interest and costs. We are getting “real time” updates about every claim file and a good communication with our own accounts receivable department, leading to a win-win situation! We are very pleased that our cooperation has only positive consequences and can recommend CRDT to all interested parties.”
Peter Van de Velde, accounting department, Vegotex International NV
” Since last year I am responsible for credit management at Tramontana, a rapidly growing fashion label with over 800 outlets in Europe and Japan. It struck me that the strong growth in the number of dealers / customers by CRDT is well taken care of. They take us a lot of work of our hands because of their expertise and experience in the area of (inter) national accounts receivable management and debt collection. The almost daily contact we have I experience as very pleasurable and professional. Quick answers to my questions, respond to the needs and adequate collection of claims really are their strengths. CRDT has therefore become an indispensable partner to me.”
Laura Salamony - Di Lonardo, Credit Management, Popov Clothing B.V.
“ It was who helped us switching to Modint GmbH. It has really been a positive experience to work with them. Our debtor who had not paid his invoice, was a Norwegian national. At the time when he bought the products from us, he was resident in Denmark. Before he left Denmark, he had “forgotten” to pay our invoice for the goods he had received. The only thing he had left behind in Denmark, was his name and the Danish address. This information was surprisingly sufficient for Modint and 20 days after our money was in our bank account including interest.”
Anna-Marie Poulsen, Financial department, Sports Pharma A/S