Sector concepts: suitable service for every industry.

Trade associations

member benefits

As a trade organization you would like your members to benefit for not only a financial advantage, but also benefit from services tailor made on the trading activity of your members themselves. CRDT focuses entirely on developing sector concepts. And with great success. Our unique approach ensures that your member benefit program really provides added value.

Added value
Because we invest in knowledge and experience of your industry, learn about usage in the sector and study the specific characteristics and your members and their products, we learn how your industry works. Therefore we are able to distinguish ourselves from other collection agencies. Because we know the business, we are much better able to recognize difficulties at an early stage, we can much better puncture arguments of debtors and we resolve disputes more quickly on. Because we offer these services collectively we can offer our industry packages at very interesting rates.

sector knowledge

For over 80 years we offer balanced credit management services for a number of industries. We are therefore not only familiar how trade organizations operate and how we can provide appropriate services to an entire sector. Thanks to our specialized staff we also know what we are talking about in the various sectors. That knowledge gives us a huge advantage over the competition.

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