Tailor made accounts receivable, debt collection and credit insurance for small and medium enterprise.

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specialist in B2B debt collection for small and medium enterprise

Like no other we understand that you as a SME enterprise are very occupied doing business. Providing a great product or service, keep up good cooperation with your customers, ensure an impeccable delivery and conduct of administration.

To steer all this in the right direction, you have manpower, tools and in-house expertise needed. But what about your accounts receivable? If your customers do not pay, it takes a lot of time to collect your money. Time you do not have.

CRDT helps. Decisive action is important – while maintaining relationship with your customer. We can help you with your entire order to cash process. From the moment you get an order to the time of payment. Or rather the lack thereof. Ask us a tailor made proposal for custom solutions the way you wish.

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