A proven approach

Our concept works. Meanwhile we have been doing this for 10 trade and professional organizations, at home and abroad.

A clothing brand needs complete different terms & conditions than a supplier of catering supplies. And a logistics service provider has very different cash flow needs than a producer of pharmaceuticals. Standard credit management services to accommodate most business owners are not always the preferred approach. Together with the trade association and her members, CRDT brings the specific characteristics, needs and use your line of business and from there develops customized solutions. We will then advise your members and we help them in their daily practice.

verdiepenWe learn specific characteristics and the particular usage and habits in the industry. We interview entrepreneurs in your trade organization and identify which specific risks exist and what needs there are. Do we understand your industry? What does your market look like? If we have all that clear, we can formulate the concept and start the conversation with you.
kiezenBased on the results of this comprehensive analysis, we advise and define your requirements. What is needed in your industry? What are the issues involved and what specific needs do you have? If we know that, we go to work.
finetunenNext we select the right combination of services, we determine the proper credit management and debt collection processes and routes after which we jointly establish further possibilities.
launchWe arrange the proper accounts receivable management and debt collection processes, create debtors in arrears alert, a list of alerts with overdue debtors specific to your industry, we only will share with your members exclusively.
afstemmenIt is important that the unique branch concept also plugs on your industry in the future. After all, your industry is developing. Developing market conditions and / or legislation also changes. We ensure that all services then stay connected and your members can continue to fully enjoy our services.
member_benefitThrough our unique and unmatched formula in combination with the collective benefits for your members, our concept can truly be called a member benefit. With the concept that prevention is paramount, we give shape to our credo “unburden”.

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